We thank you in advance for your help, we could not do it without you.


We’ve planned an unprecedented effort to take advantage of the fact that we are putting organizers in every precinct, volunteers in block after block — all of them working to make the one-on-one connections with voters that make all the difference. We’ve been out-working the other candidates and it’s becoming clear how that is starting to pay off.

It begins with fundraising. Because of you and your contributions we are able to have talented volunteers and give them the resources they need to go to work — campaign offices, clipboards, maps for volunteers going door-to-door, coffee sips, (block clubs, CAPS and community meetings.)

We’ve been on the ground across the ward for weeks — recruiting volunteers, listening to residents, adding value to our communities. Those volunteers — people like you — have organized petition canvassing in their neighborhoods, and phone banks in their living rooms.

We are watching this movement grow, and the results we’ve been able to deliver have increased exponentially. In the past month, we’ve seen our volunteer program grow by 120 percent, and it will continue growing each week until the election and beyond.

IT’S OUR TIME– let’s take it

Photo of 17th ward Alderman David Moore