About David Moore

Vision - Values - Voice


David Moore has won multiple elections to represent the 17th Ward.  First, becoming alderman on February 24, 2015 and Democratic committeeman on March 15, 2016.  The Englewood resident possesses a rare combination of corporate experience, political savvy and passion for progressive change.  Through his work as a community organizer and in several campaigns, he has connected with people and issues in every corner of the ward he has resided in for nearly 40 years.

A native Chicagoan, Moore spent his childhood in the Robert Taylor Homes, before moving to the Auburn-Gresham community.  Upon completing Simeon Vocational High School, he graduated Western Illinois University with a dual major in accounting and operations management.  He earned an MA with emphasis in government studies at Loyola University-Chicago.

Moore established a successful accounting career in the private sector at several Fortune 500 companies, as well as with Chicago’s Department of Aviation and Housing Authority.  Most recently, he served as an assistant to the commissioner of the Cook County Board of Review, coordinating the Faith-based Community Initiative.

His work in the public sector exposed him to nearly every aspect of government management, including hands-on experience with cost-benefit analysis, budgeting, strategic planning, directing inter-agency teams, and projecting the impact of initiatives related to such issues as urban renewal, affordable housing, land use, public works, and transportation.  He oversaw projects for redeveloping the South Loop, creating job-training sites and identifying employment opportunities for low-income residents.

Moore traces his “call” to public service back to his days as an 11-year-old walking the 17th Ward with his uncle, an assistant precinct captain.  Years later, David became precinct captain of the ward’s Democratic Organization.  He worked on behalf of local neighborhoods in several capacities, most notably successful voter registration drives, assisting officials shut down drug houses and common-sense gun legislation.  He also played key roles in city, state and national elections.

As alderman, Moore believes his first priority will be to tackle traditionally neglected areas in the 17th Ward–from severe unemployment and school closings, foreclosed homes and abandoned buildings, to street and sidewalk improvements and tree trimming.  He believes such challenges deserve the attention of a full-time alderman, whom he considers the “front line” for facilitating progress in Chicago neighborhoods.

He sits on six city council committees:  Economic, Capital, and Technology Development, Housing and Real Estate, Human Relations, License and Consumer Protection, Rules & Ethics and Zoning, Landmarks and Building Standards.

Moore is the proud father of Alexandria Moore and son of Elizabeth Lee—known for generously giving her time to 17th Ward residents and causes.  The community recognizes him as a man of integrity, as well as for his volunteer work particularly with seniors, students and those involved with drug abuse.  He is a member of the National Forum for Black Public Administrators and Rainbow PUSH Coalition.  He serves on the board of the Kodero Hunter “MVP” Foundation and as a deacon of his long-time religious home, Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church.

image of David Moore in a black suit with a red tie


The mission of Citizens for David Moore consists of three aspects, “Vision, Values, and Voice.”  The vision encompasses our mission of “supporting public servants who communication and transparency, will preserve and improve the educational, physical, social, and economic health of our neighborhoods; support neighborhood self-reliance, and enhance the quality of life for the residents through community-based problem solving, neighborhood-oriented services, and public-private resources and cooperation.


Values concern the morale of the 17th Ward, which has been deflated by the absence of uncompromised leadership, and lack of resources.  Value is added when men and women come together for a common cause and when action oriented causes are championed by all for the good of the people and not themselves.  The 17th Ward is richly blessed by many who are waiting to be supported by uncompromising leadership


When 30,000 voters speak, silence is not an option by their leadership.  David believes in giving a voice to the voiceless. David recognizes that we all share the following: (1) Everybody wants to be heard; (2) Everybody wants to know if what they said meant anything to the person(s) listening; and (3) Will you, at minimum try and help them.  David Moore is your voice.