Streets and Sanitation

Streets and Sanitation

The Mission of the Department of Streets and Sanitation is to provide a safe and healthy environment on the streets and alleys of Chicago through the effective management of the collection, disposal and recycling of residential refuse, the sweeping and plowing of streets, the timely removal of graffiti, the cleaning of vacant lots, the demolition of garages, the efficient towing of illegally parked vehicles, the abatement of rodents and the planting, trimming and removal of trees, of which the finished product meets or exceeds the industry standards and best practices.

What They Do

Street Cleaning Schedule

Chicago uses mechanical street sweepers that operate year-round except during inclement winter weather.

To ensure curb-to-curb street cleaning, temporary parking restrictions are posted the day before the work is scheduled to begin on any street.

Some arterial streets have permanently posted signs that specify a once-per-week period when parking is prohibited for street sweeping. Persons needing more than one day notice of street cleaning should contact their local ward sanitation office. Street sweeping requests should be made to city’s request line at 3-1-1 or click on the button below to make your request.